Thank You Caroline Grossinger

Dear Ms Grossinger:

Not long ago I purchased a 2010 Toyota Corolla at your dealership in Lincolnwood. As a result of my experience, I want to share some thoughts with you. I had researched the Corolla for some time and had decided to buy one when my current car broke down and I realized it was no longer feasible to continue to repair it. I embarked on the car buying experience with so much dread. I need to add that I am the type of individual, who, if pressured, I will simply walk away and refuse to buy from that individual. This is an experience I know many people share and the auto industry has a reputation for pressure tactics as many can attest to. My brother purchased two new Toyotas in the last few years from Carmax in Kenosha and his experience with them was very positive. He strongly recommended them so I spoke with them numerous times over the phone and was actually planning to purchase from them. I did decide, however, to speak with a dealer closer to my home so I came to Grossinger.

When I walked into your dealership, it was like a madhouse due to the Cash for Clunkers. I spoke with a gentlemen by the name of Dean Maruyama and I can honestly say is the reason I decided to come back a few nights later to negotiate a price. We agreed on a price which was actually much better than the price I got at Carmax and I must say I did not feel pressured in the least, or I would have simply gone elsewhere.

I was impressed with Dean&squot;s sincerity and professionalism. He assured me more Corollas were on their way and he would make sure one was held for me. Although I had to wait about two weeks, Dean said he would call me and keep me up on the situation. When the Corollas did arrive, Dean was sick at home but called me to encourage me to go in and pickup the car. He said his associate, Mike Curtiss would help me. I went to your dealership that night and not only did Mike handle everything in a professional manner, but also Rob Eberwin and your finance manager Agata Klos. And again, none of these people were unduly pressuring in any way. I realized also that these folks could of easily sold the car to someone else, (your dealership was still very busy) but everyone kept their word

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